EPCМ projects EPCM is abbreviation which stands for engineering, procurement, construction, management. It means the company is contracted to provide engineering, procurement, construction and project management services and to hand over to the Customer a fi nished «turn-key» project. As an ЕРСМ-contractor, MunayGas-Engineering Ltd. in fact performs the duties of general contractor of the project. Any investment-construction project we consider to be a consecutive realization of eight main stages.

In the framework of ЕРСМ-project, our specialists estimate the adequacy of resources, labour force, professional expertise, chosen subcontractors and/or suppliers to the requirements and needs of the assigned task, and also perform the distribution of scope of work and responsibility areas between them, coordinate their activity, resolve the disputable issues, plan the overall project charts, adjustment of charts in case of critical changes with minimum consequences and cutback of time of possible holdups. Our main qualities as EPCM-contractor are experience and skills in construction, procurement and personnel hire for contractor’s labour integration and management.


Advantages of ЕРСМ for:


• Contractor takes full responsibility for the project costs and schedule, quality of works and guarantee factors.

• Contractor takes the risks of equipment, materials and service price escalation.

• Minimal stuff requirement and efforts on project realization control. Contractor

• Profi t markup owing to optimization of job practices.

• Ability to provide the complete integrated chain of services.


Optimal EPCМ-contractor:

• Experience in construction of «turn-key» projects

• Own project design departments

• Own key construction forces (assembly department, special works)

• Long-term relationships with suppliers of main equipment, accessories, component parts and materials

• Logistics service department, maintenance supply and legal support

• Ability to attract «cheap» credits