Within reconstruction projects of turbo compressor equipment on the operating shops of compressor stations on the CAC main gas pipeline, replacement of GT 750-6 gas-turbine installations ,which depleted their resources, on CS "Makat", CS "Beyneu" and CS "Opornaya" was made with carrying out commissioning and production tests. Moreover, installation of new automatic control system of gas-transfer units was also done at these sites on the basis of Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) -made Control Logics Soft/Hardware Elements.

Overhaul repair of the unit included: removal of old turbo module and installation of new Czech -made 750-6 GT turbo module with operating time up to 12,000 hours, replacement of horizontal combustion chamber  for a vertical one, replacement of old regenerators with new air heaters VPT-1200, replacement of old CACD with a new air-cleaning device Complex TL 60, replacement of old gas flues, air ducts, lens and rectangular compensators, replacement of old screw pumps, sealing strips to the new pumps, repair sleeve TL-370-14-1, replacement of old  face seal, replacement of old clutch gear , replacement of old air cooler, replacement of old oil pipelines, replacement of old control systems shield and installation of new electrical equipment, replacement of the existing control system for the new ACS GTU.

The purpose of overhaul maintenance - improving the reliability and safety of compressor, reducing operating costs and extending the service life of the GTU.



The reconstruction process