Company takes active part in design and construction of motorways, municipal, public roads, bridgeworks (underpasses, flyovers, etc.). During the whole course of company’s history, its main aim was development and implementation of new construction frameworks, breakthrough technology and modern materials.

Our company in cooperation with “Kazakhdorstroy” participates in reconstruction of “Astana-Petropavlovsk” motorway. President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited its site on 19th of August, 2010. In 2010, it is planned to complete the reconstruction of road section between 240 and 280 km. This section will be asphaltic concrete four-lane road (dual-dual highway) category B. It is also planned to complete the reconstruction of 47 km-long road section between Astana and Borovoye till the end of this year. Six-lane cement concrete highway of A-Category will be opened here. This year, on sites, entrusted to company, the works are conducted simultaneously on construction of 12 road interchanges and overpasses. Technologically complex motorways will be put in commission this year. Company has involved more than 2000 workers and 400 units of vehicles and special machinery including the latest models of Wirtgen concrete-laying machines.

We take part in reconstruction of “Astana-Kostanay-Chelyabinsk” highway. The overall stretch of road constitutes 891 km. Project implementation has started in 2004. At start of this year, 659 km of the road were already renovated and put into service. This year the works are conducted on 203 km between cities Atbasar and Astana in Akmola region. “Kazpako”, “SineMidasStroy”, “Akmola Kurylys Materials” and “Kazakhdorstroy” are involved in this project.

At present, the works have been completed on 56 km-long road section between town Atbasar and Marinovka village, this section is ready to be put into service. On other sections, the construction of road pavement is under way. Till the end of this year it is planned to complete another 94 km of the road and to put it into service. Full completion of motorway modernization in Akmola region is planned for 2011. Within this road framework modernization project, the construction of interchange at Astana outskirts has been started. Project completion is planned for 2011.

The works are also under way on modernization of bypass (roundabout) near Kostanay city, including construction of bridge across Tobol river, the preparation works has started there. This project completion is planned for 2013.

At the moment, the highway “Kyztogan-region border” is being constructed in Zhualyn area of Zhambyla region. Road stretches for 10,5 km. Planned project completion – 2012. Putting into service of this road section will reduce the distance between towns Taraz and Turkestan by 100 km.

In 2008-2009 “Company MunaiGas-Engineering” jointly with its Russian partners completed motorway reconstruction in accordance with the resolution of Moscow government as for South-West administrative district development plan:

*        Teply Stan throughfare to provide exit route from Teply Stan to Lenin Avenue (Moscow city)

*        Academic Bakulev street with access to Lenin Avenue (Moscow city).