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TCC COP-4 Opornaya

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On 21st of November, 2008 in Mangystau region, an opening ceremony took place and Compressor Shop No4 CS «Opornaya» on mainline CAC was offi cially put into operation. Compressor Shop №4 received a good rating among specialists of operating company and became a prime example for future construction of new compressor shops.

 After a long break, it is the fi rst high capacity compressor station put into operation in Republic of Kazakhstan, which is now working for the country’s benefi t, welfare and prosperity.

Major activity of the company is realization of compressor station construction projects of different application purpose on conditions of ЕРСМ contract.
Among the company’s projects is turbocompressor shop №4 (TCS-4) on compressor station “Opornaya”. Its construction allowed to increase the capacity of the gas pipeline network “Central Asia - Centre“, to restore the system balance, to lower the work load of CS «Kulsary» and improve the economical characteristics and factors of gas transportation in general along the pipeline.

Production capacity of the shop is 55 billion. nm3 /year (or 155 million. nm3 / day) with end pressure 75 MPa.
Among important results of MunayGas-Engineering Ltd activity is assurance of substantial advantages of the TCS- 4 in comparison with currently operating stations on gas pipeline CAC.

TCS-4 consists of seven gas compressor units GPA-10РК (with gas turbine ТНМ1304-11 and compressor RV050 delivered by MAN Turbo AG) with unit capacity 11,2MW each; essential systems of the units are placed in individual housing, made of sandwich panels, which correspond to the up to date standards of heat and sound insulation, fi re resistance and industrial sanitation.

Centrifugal compressors are equipped with gas dynamic sealing which allow to save annually up to 27 ton of expensive oil. Real units work life amounts to 150 000 hours, frequency of overhaul – 40 000 hours.

Fan engines in air coolers have no individual foundations but are fastened on the single frame with pipe bundle. It eliminates the possibility of fan defects due to ground subsidence, which takes place at close position of ground waters on site of Compressor Station.

In two-stage type scrubbers along with multycyclones, high-effi ciency fi lter elements are installed. They have high coeffi cients of process gas purifi cation from mechanical impurities and drop liquid. The later will substantially increase the reliability and durability of the turbo-compressor equipment.
All main and auxiliary equipment of the compressor shop correspond to the world standards of quality and reliability, high norms of modern style, industrial sanitation and ergonomics.

Compressor shop was made by our specialists to be not only reliable but also convenient for service personnel to work. We believe that, modern production conditions should be highly ergonomical, therefore our attention was closely focused on this factor during the project execution.


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