Company has a separate construction-and-assembling department with its own resource-and-technical base, capable to perform on site works of different complexity.

Working on project on conditions of ЕРСМ contract, it is necessary to manufacture a vast number of various accessories and component parts for building and construction works.

In collaboration with the leading machine building enterprises of Kazakhstan, our company designs and manufactures auxiliary equipment, various metalware structures: supports, crossbars, frames, columns, binding rafters, pipeline support frames, service operation platforms, crossovers, illumination posts, metal fence elements.

Applications of our products in construction projects is a positive step towards increase of Kazakh products share in total volume of equipment delivery.

100% factory-assembled equipment ensures the cost minimization during the period of installation and commissioning works on site.

Execution of building-construction works of zero cycle and hand over of building structures into further phase of installation works is carried out simultaneously on several 
areas, depending on number of teams involved, using own load lifting machines and special devices.

Key to effi cient construction lies in perfectly planned sequence of assembly and installation works, along with timely delivery of equipment and manufactured parts. Specialists of the company are also in charge of compiling the list of materials and their delivery

Project time frame can be reduced owing to gradual implementation and hand over of buildings and other units during the construction progress, rather than the whole project at once.

Construction management

  • Arrangement of effi cient work of several subcontractor building and construction companies.
  • Tracking of materials and structural elements delivered by subcontractor companies.
  • Effi cient organization of storage facilities.
  • Strict stocktaking of materials coming in and out, elimination of overexpenditure.
  • Daily on site works scheduling.
  • Weekly verifi cation of works executed by subcontractors.
  • Constant quality control of all of the works carried out on construction site.
  • Uninterrupted provision of fuels and lubricants.
  • Mobile repair depot on site.
  • Provision of adequate social and living condition for workers.