MunayGas-Engineering Ltd. applies an object-oriented approach to the project, which is founded on engineering database of industrial production components, including the related technical attributes, such as pipeline and instrumentation diagrams, three dimensional layouts for these objects. Company’s fi eld-proven solutions are timesaving and cost-effective.

In accordance with the project requirements and regulatory documentation valid in Republic of Kazakhstan, our specialists optimize the processing diagrams, make alterations of the project and estimate documentation.

Implemented alterations undergo an obligatory endorsement with the Customer.

In situations when the compatible equipment is unavailable, the specialists of the company design new process equipment, optimized for the current project conditions.

Equipment manufacturing process, acceptance testing and shipment are also occur under control of our specialists.

Among the responsibilities of our company is on site accompaniment of installation and commissioning works, putting the object into operation and hand over of equipment to the Customer.

Special knowledge and experience in technical fi eld, processes, organization and management allow to reduce the project realization period and, eventually, the engineering services cost cheaper than unassisted realization of all stages of the project by the Customer himself.

Presently, the perspective directions for company’s development are:


- design and production of gas compressor unites of Kazakhstan manufacture; - production of modern domestic process equipment;
- design and implementation of projects on utilization and treatment of associated oil gas; - project design with maximal use of energy-effi cient and environment friendly technologies.





Project design department

Company employs specialists in different fi elds: design engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, electrical engineers, automatic control system programming specialists.

Our employees use the following modern software on professional level: Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Architecture, Autodesk Civil 3D, AspenTech Hysys, Ansys, ElectriCS ADT, Microsoft Project, EdgeCAM, MathCad.