In 2009 MunaiGas-Engineering Ltd. in collaboration with the leading machine building enterprises of Kazakhstan, began the development and production of highly technological equipment for oil, gas, processing and power industries.

Main (principal) equipment:
1. Air-cooling equipment
2. Dust separators, scrubbers, fi lter-separators
3. Fuel, impulse and starting gas treatment units
4. Electrical equipment
5. Capacitive equipment, vessels
6. Principal blocks for gas compressor units
7. Filter control units for oil- and gas pipelines
8. Shell-and-tube heat exchangers and oil coolers
9. Prefabricated buildings for provision of housing
complexes and camps.

The plant holds highly technological equipment base, which includes: foundry, metalforming machines line, thermal, galvanic and machining process equipment, which allows to manufacture the high performance engineering produce as well as tools and devices for various materials processing.

Accredited test centre allows to examine the incoming materials before the manufacture process, to carry out the intermediate control of the manufactured produce and equipment, to receive certifi cates proving the conformance of the fi nished products to the State Standards of Kazakhstan Republic.


Benefi cial geographical position of the plant - on the border with industrial regions of Russia and oil-andgas production Kazakhstan regions - favours prompt and qualitative solution of cooperation tasks between material/equipment suppliers and Clients.