Management of all projects in our company is accomplished in compliance with international norms and principles of project management, regulated by standards of Project Management Institute ANSI/PMI 99/001/2004.

It allows us to full extent implement the management control of project execution on all stages (from start to fi nish); allocate credentials and responsibilities of all project participants on various project life cycles; exploit the effi cient project management techniques, adopted from the best world practice traditions and to adapt the project management theory regulations to practical activity of the company in Republic of Kazakhstan.

Detailed work schedule diagram is developed for each project, taking into account the interaction of all participants of the process. Such schedule enables to manage the project with high precision and to control the fulfi lment of mutual contractor obligations.

Project documentation control is realized in such a way that two main tasks are solved:

1. Guarantee the fulfi lment of contract requirements regarding project documentation between the Customer and General Designer (and other design organizations), fi rst of all it concerns the design time period and design costs;

2. To ensure high quality and effi ciency of the project documentation in accordance with contract requirements and existent regulatory documents as well as to legislative acts.

Control of project realization is implemented through analysis of schedule fulfi lment reports and resource expenditure.

Meanwhile, process participants’ interaction is constantly improving in such fi elds as planning, realization, control and alteration of the project, which allow to reduce the time constraints and costs of the project.

Preliminary computation of such sections as scope of building and construction works, materials, costs evaluation allows to determine the budget on early stage of the project and to avoid exceeding it later.

Experts of the company have mastered and put into practice the project management software Microsoft Project. It is an internationally acknowledged powerful network scheduling instrument, which provides the management effi ciency and allows to have strict control of costs and works schedules.

Reports to the Customer

  • Presentation to the Customer of company’s work plan for the current period with cost estimation of planned work and services.
  • Monthly report with indication of performed works and services, with cost indication.
  • Final report on services according to EPCM-contract is submitted to the Customer on completion of works and signing the fi nal formal acceptance statement.