Peculiarity of investment-construction activity is in spending the bulk part of costs on purchasing the material resources: raw produce, construction materials, accessories, etc. Therefore, the issue of lowering the costs of material resources remains one of the most urgent and actual. Selection of the supplier of material resources based on optimal price characteristic of the produce, acceptable payment and delivery conditions, as well as supplier’s reliability allows to signifi cantly lower the expenditure on provision of necessary materials and raw produce, to reduce the risks of default on obligations from the suppliers’ side. General contractor in such case becomes a main link of this complicated chain.

Our company marks out the following procurement stages:

Purchase planning – determination stage of what is necessary to purchase, when and on what conditions.

Contract planning – documentation of requests to products, services and results, which are necessary to purchase, as well as determination of the potential suppliers.

Information request from supplier – obtaining from supplier the information, pricelists, offers and proposals (depending on supply).

Selection of suppliers – proposal analyses, selection of potential suppliers and discussion of contract conditions with each supplier.

Contract administration includes:

1) contract management and supervision of relations between the customer and supplier,

2) analysis and documentation of present and past of the supplier’s activity in order to determine the necessary corrective actions and to provide the foundation for future relations with supplier,

3) management of contract related changes and alterations,

4) management of contract relations with the outside project buyer.

Contract closing is a fi nishing stage of any contract, which includes settlement of any open issues and closing of all contracts related to the project or its phase.
One of the main tasks, resolved by our company on this stage is the necessity to create a price forming mechanism on contractors’ services, transparent to all participants of the investment-construction process. Such mechanism has several realization options in contract price formation, depending on specifi c factors of the project and its fulfi lment stage. Apart from this, the mechanism provides the opportunity for participants’ competition, when one can explicitly compare the contract price elements beyond the range of price formation in construction and project blocks.

Operation and maintenance

Maintenance planning is crucial for effort increase, on condition of minimal standing period. To achieve the aim, service engineers have access to project documentation of the company and operational data Experience of the company’s specialists, along with application of modern technology facilitates the equipment repair, rehabilitation and replacement, in compliance with licensing operational requirements. Our specialists will participate in solving all of the issues rising during the operation period of the constructed objects.